About Us

We are an experienced architectural practice with built works and works under construction in all corners of Sydney. From detached luxury residences in Little Bay to mixed developments in Merrylands and Auburn. As well as narrow site terraces in Annandale and steeply sloped houses in Oyster Bay.

We have an associated construction company, Banatex Pty Ltd. Currently In its twentieth year, Banatex is responsible for building the works. This means that the construction process is hassle free with less miscommunication. For the client, this means savings in time and money as well as a constant communication between architect and builder. For us, it means we are able to continue our relationship until the project is built, moved into or sold. This complete cycle service ensures the construction process is enjoyable.

Our amicable relationships with our clients are reflected years on. The firm is expanding into multi-million dollar developments, with no marketing other than the quality of work and recommendations from clients.

Nominated Architect Sidney Lam

Registration Number: 5414

Our Services

We provide a rare service in that we design, document and then work with our associated construction company Banatex Pty Ltd. This means we are there from start to finish, ensuring a smooth construction process.

We are there for:

  • Initial Design
  • Design Development
  • Development Application(DA)
  • Construction Certificate (CC)
  • Documentation
  • Contract administration


At Sidney Lam & Associates, we believe in architecture that is site specific and enriches the client’s life and well being. Our highly skilled staff understand and work with clients to fulfill their needs, budgets and lifestyle.

Our dedicated team works in a company structure that combines traditional wisdom with young fresh ideas.

  • Sidney Lam Director

Completed Projects

The following is a sample of past works. Thank you to the clients for allowing us photograph their private dwellings.

Little Bay House 1 \ Little Bay House 2 \ Kingsgrove House \ Hurstville House \ Merrylands Development